The National Weather Service confirms that a gustnado damaged at least two homes in  Ocean County during Monday's thunderstorms.

Flooding in Lakewood from Monday's thunderstorm (TheLakewoodScoop)

The gustnado had winds to 60 mph and struck Monday around 5:10 p.m. on Vath Street in the Cedar Glen West in Jackson and Manchester Townships, It brought down some trees and caused minor roof damage according to a 3-person storm survey by the NWS' Mt. Holly office.


The National Weather Service defines a gustnado as a small whirlwind which forms as an "eddy" in thunderstorm outflows. They do not connect with any cloud base rotation and are not tornadoes. They are classified as thunderstorm wind events and can cause damage similar to that of a weak tornado.

Eileen Grahn tells the Asbury Park Press says patio chairs were flying at her and her grill moved across the patio. Her roof sustained damage and a maple tree was stripped of nearly all its branches.

Monday's storm dropped several inches of rain on Burlington and Ocean counties with reports of heavy rain that created a sink hole in the front yard of a Mt. Holly home that moved it off its foundation and lots and flooding in Lakewood.