Low-cut tops, belly shirts, and ripped jeans will soon be a thing of the past in one Ocean County school district.

Central Regional High School (Central Regional School District)

Come September, students in the Central Regional School District may be required to wear uniforms, consisting of a shirt with the school's emblem and either black or khaki pants. Superintendent Triantafillos (Tom) Parlapanides says the plan will be voted on by the board of education on Thursday, May 16.


The strict dress code is being considered  for a variety of reasons and would be enforced by teachers, administrators and faculty.

"We feel this is a great idea and are happy the BOE has approved this new policy," said Parlapanides. "There will be several benefits from ushering in this dress code."

Some of the benefits mentioned include a renewed focus on academics, school safety, a reduction in tardiness, long-range cost effectiveness and closing the gap of socio-economic differences.

The plan would be for students in the high school, middle school and the Seaside Heights Elementary School to wear the new uniforms. The move would enhance security at the 98-acre high school property. "Because the campus is so large, if all the students were in the same type of outfits with the school logo embroidered on the shirt, it would help security staffers and teachers keep people safe."

During Superstorm Sandy, a number of families with kids in the district lost their homes or suffered damage. In fact, there are several students still living in temporary housing or hotels six months after the storm.

Officials will work on securing grants to help pay for the uniforms for the first year.