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Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Sardines
Have you ever seen the 2-pound bag of frozen whole sardines in the freezer at the supermarket? There are approximately 8 medium sized frozen fish complete with the head and tail in a single bag. So, I took a chance. I like eating sardines as a snack, but I’m not a fan of fish in a can. That go…
DIY: Amazing Backyard Fountain Restoration
People throw out some great stuff. I’m driving through the neighborhood and saw this old fountain that has definitely seen better days. With a little help from my cousin, we moved this backyard fountain, which must have weighed a ton. My next DIY project was born.
Remembering a Hero from Brick
This tribute will have you in tears. Here's how you can celebrate the life of a man who did so much for our country and so many others, and perhaps help save another life from the ravages of PTSD.

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