I had given up all hope of my boys putting down their video games in favor of heading outside....so I was shocked when they did it ON THEIR OWN!

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The boys had just finished lunch (spring break -- no school) and were about to start a Wii game together when the doorbell rang. It was a kid from our block asking if the boys would come out to play. Not only did they literally jump right off their stools, but they didn't come back inside 'til dark. A good solid SEVEN HOURS of outdoor playtime!

After so many years of having to climb up the slide with them while they were little, and then still having to take them places and keep an eye on them when they were younger, it was great to realize that they are now old enough to hang outside with their friends on our street and create their own entertainment....scooters, bikes, water guns, rocket balloons, running races, and more! Without any parent having to start the game or break up a fight.

The kids all seemed to discover within one sunny weekend how great it is to have each other and just get outside together. At one point there were easily twelve children on my front lawn laughing, running, and just being merry.

The only sign left at the end of the evening: One lone scooter left outside my garage door. Ahhh to be a kid.