Kids on the beach tend to get sand EVERYWHERE, but one parent's attempt to keep that sand on the beach nearly got his little ones arrested in one Monmouth County town.

According to his piece in the Trentonian, Jeff Edelstein spent the day with his family on the beach in Spring Lake. At the end of the day, he took his two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son over to the showers to rinse off the sand.

In an attempt to get rid of as much sand as possible, he took off the kids' bathing suits.

These kids were nearly arrested on the beach (Fox & Friends)

Edelstein says a man later identified as the beach supervisor yelled at him, saying, 'You can’t do that! Spring Lake’s not that kind of place.'

Edelstein said he then heard the supervisor on the phone saying there were two naked people on the boardwalk.

A police officer showed up moments later, gave the parents a verbal warning, and left.

Edelstein said he won't go back to Spring Lake.

Under Spring Lake law, it is in fact illegal to disrobe on the beachfront or in a public place, and you can face up to 90 days in jail and a fine up to $2000 for breaking said law.

I understand the need to have that law for adults (and even teenagers) but a 2 and 4-year-old?? Really?

I suppose the 4-year-old is a bit old for that, but I still don't think a call to police was warranted. I doubt these kids were running around like banshees in the buff.

According to Edelstein, they were washed off and quickly covered in towels. I'm pretty sure we ALL did the quick change on the beach as kids, no?

Of course, there could be much more to this story, and I'd love to have the beach supervisors take on this, because this seems so ridiculous!

Whose side are you on in this story -- the beach supervisor or the Edelsteins? Tell us in the comment section below!