I happened across a "60 Minutes" segment on CBS last night that caught my interest.

It was a look at Roger Waters and the 30th anniversary of "The Wall" and the enormity of the show he's been taking around the world (coming to our area soon.)

Roger also talks about his split years ago from Pink Floyd, and about the fact that he is much older now yet still feels so passionate about The Wall and all the history of what it represents.

But it's a simple question and the way he answered it that gave me a whole new respect for him. He says he was asked recently why he would put himself, at his age, back into the grueling life of a touring rock star. After all, it's months out on the road away from family, going country to country, city to city, full of late nights and strangers, and hard on your body.

Roger's response to this question was to say that he can't complain. He wakes up in a fancy hotel room with breakfast waiting, gets a limo ride to a private jet, flown to a venue where they have a dressing room and food waiting for him, 'works' for about three hours on stage, and then goes to another beautiful hotel room to sleep once the adrenalin from the cheering fans wears off. 

Then Roger says compared to, say, being a mom of a two year old, how could he possibly complain about his job?

On behalf of moms who are on their hands and knees wiping up spills, changing diapers, and dealing with the 'terrible twos' and beyond, thank you, Roger, for your acknowledgement of how hard our job is! Harder than being a rock star!