You and your family will enjoy a frozen wonderland of ice sculptures, themed  "The 12 Days of Christmas," opening later this month. Here's your first look behind the scenes!

Mark your calendars for this family-friendly event, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else in our area. It's called "Ice King's Holiday on Ice."

(Ed Jarrett)

Opening the day after Thanksgiving, this ice sculpture extravaganza, artistically carved by our friend Ed Jarrett (you may remember him for setting the record for the tallest sand castle sculpture on the beach at Jenkinson's) will take you through room after room of holiday cheer, all in the form of amazing ice sculptures.

(Ed Jarrett)

If you attended last year, you'll remember there was a Nutcracker theme. CLICK HERE to see video of that in case you missed it. This year Ed is setting his own 'personal best' record by carving over 90 TONS of ice!!!

(Photo courtesy of Ed Jarrett)

This year, the 12 Days of Christmas theme will include a larger than life Partridge in a Pear Tree, all carved out of ice and beautifully lit.

You and your kids will be in awe of Ed's amazing work! CLICK HERE for all the info you need on tickets and more!

This amazing event will be held once again at Ice King and Cold Storage, 4045 Rt. 33, and conveniently located right off the Parkway (exit 100B), Rt. 66, Rt. 34, Rt. 195. This place has over 43,000 cubic feet of freezer space, so you'll have to dress warm!

Ed started carving inside the freezer quite a few weeks ago, and here are some of the clips!