According Kevin McArdle of the Townsquare News Network, Governor Chris Christie today has decided to suspend some of the Red Light Running Automated Enforcement Program (RLR) until towns in the pilot program can certify that the timing on the yellow light signal conforms to the prescribed statute. Is Brick included? Find out after the jump.

The 21 affected towns must perform an analysis of their traffic lights. If the analysis shows that the duration of a yellow light meets the minimum timing as required by the law, municipalities will be allowed to issue tickets for violations that occur during the suspension period.

Good news! No more red light cameras in Brick, for now. There are three red light cameras in Brick:

  • Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Road
  • Brick Boulevard and Chambers Bridge Road
  • Route 70 and Brick Boulevard
It's worth noting that there are NO red light cameras in Monmouth county and Brick is the only town that participates in the program in Ocean county.

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