I've always loved something salty followed by something sweet. And now I understand why some people like to eat both together.

Some like bacon bits on their ice cream or sweet potato chips on their burgers. And as funny as some of these combos have sounded to me, now I'm hooked on one of them: chocolate flavored tortilla chips! 

I can't get enough. And they're not easy to find. In fact, I stalked the aisles of one grocery store yesterday, standing on shelves to get a better grip and pushing bags and more bags aside trying to find this much-needed item. But it wasn't there!

I love...I mean LOVE these chips. It's the perfect combination for my taste buds, even though if someone had told me I would like something like this I wouldn't have believed it.

But alas, I am hooked. Except for the fact that now that I've tried them, I have to find a grocery store that carries them!

Did you ever find yourself so addicted to a food item that you'd travel miles to get your hands on it? Worse, did they ever STOP MAKING a food that you were still in love with? Scroll down to comment!