All those germs from other people that you thought were killed by the chlorine? Not so.

If you have your own pool or know someone who does, that's great. But splashing around in a public or community pool is essentially like swimming in a communal bathtub.

The Water Quality and Health Council conducted a study on public pools and found that while close to 100 percent of people say they would never re-use someone else's bath water, nearly 70 percent say that they don't shower before jumping into a pool.

This, in essence, makes the public pool a stew of germs and bacteria. And, no, chlorine doesn't kill all the bad stuff either.

The pre-swim shower is a must to remove all the sweat, urine and cosmetics from the body that otherwise end up in the pool water right along with all those strangers.

And consider this: One in five people admit to peeing in the pool. So imagine a public pool with 50 swimmers. There's a good chance that ten of them are peeing in your water.

Enjoy your swim.

(Digital Journal)