The Most Ridiculous ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes
Halloween is not that far off, and I'm sure you've seen those costume shops popping up all over the place.
I took a spin through one over the weekend with Duzzy, who seemed baffled at the endless 'sexy' costumes for ladies.
Here's a collection of the most ridiculous 'sexy…
Our Six Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2012
I know it may seem a little early, but nothing is more frustrating than scrambling the day before Halloween for the perfect costume. Here is my list of the top six Halloween costumes of 2012 so you can plan ahead for the best costume of 2012...
Halloween Is Sweet For The Economy
Halloween may not be so good for your teeth, but it has to be good for the economy! According to msn, parents will spend $1 billion on costumes alone. That's a lot of money for something that probably won't fit next year!

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