craft beer

Celebrate IPA Day Tonight in Seaside
It's IPA Day, a day to celebrate India Pale Ales, the popular style of beer known for their especially hoppy (and generally more bitter) flavor.
Tonight, join us to celebrate by sampling more than 20 different kinds of IPAs (and other delicious craft beers)!
The Most Popular Beer Styles
America On Tap is coming to Sun National Bank Center in Trenton on Saturday, June 6. To get you ready, lets review the most popular beer styles and what they mean.
Little Dog Brewing Co. Opens in Neptune City
When it comes to craft beers, there's no shortage of awesome suds made right here in our backyards.
When it comes to quality booze, I say, 'the more the merrier,' which is why I'm really excited about another new brewery opening up here at the Jersey Shore!
The Best Craft Beer at the Jersey Shore
We all might have our go-to adult beverages of choice, for me it's usually wine or vodka-based, but every now and then you just need a beer.
Lucky for us, craft beer is exploding in NJ, and some of the very best breweries are in our backyard.