Saying Goodbye To An Old Summer Friend
When you live at the Jersey Shore in the summer, you're never really alone at the beach or the boardwalk and you're never really alone when you go get the mail or take out the garbage.
The Loss Of My Beloved Flip-Flop
I am always talking about my beloved flip-flops. They are a sign of summer, they are comfortable, and they make me happy. They're everything good about the Jersey shore wrapped up in a beautiful, yet simple type of footwear. They are my friends. And now they are gone.
Does Anything Say ‘Jersey Shore’ More Than The Flip-Flop?
I love the Jersey Shore all the time, but to me we are at our peak in the summer. So many signs of summer make me happy. Warm temperatures, the boardwalk, the sound of seagulls, the lack of parking spaces in beach towns, and of course the traffic. Well, not all of them make me happy, but there is on…