Want To Be In a Better Mood? Drop The Burger And Grab The Broccoli!
Have you ever heard of arachidonic acid? Well, too much of it can apparently put you in a bad mood. In a study reported at, foods such as meat and fish are high in arachidonic acid and high levels of it can cause 'mood-disturbing brain changes', according to an earlier s…
Nominate Your Favorite Jersey Shore Restaurant!
I love restaurants. More than restaurants, I love Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. It returns this Spring in mid-April, and how convenient that before that is March Madness. Well, to get in the spirit of things, I've decided to have a little fun with local restaurants, and I need your help.
Happy 100th Birthday Oreos!
Oreo Cookies celebrate their 100th Anniversary today, and what kind of cookie lover would I be if I didn't celebrate with their Birthday Cake flavored treats?
So are they any different than the original?
Low-Calorie Recipes For Your Big Game Party [LIST]
So if you're avoiding the insanity of a bar to catch the game, choosing instead to host a party at home, there are plenty of easy ways out when it comes to food...order a pizza and some wings, grab a cake or some cookies, veggie tray with ranch dip, some
5 Must-Try Restaurants At The Jersey Shore
I'm a self proclaimed foodie. I love going out and trying food at new restaurants, from hole in the wall places to well-knowns. There are so many great places to dine at the Jersey Shore, but here are 5 MUST TRIES in our area.

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