Dear New York Giants, You’re Welcome!
We all know that sports fans are superstitious. What I didn't know was how much luck we bring to our favorite team. I think my combination of a Tom Couhglin shirt and my new Giants pajamas gave the Giants just enough to beat the Redskins yesterday.
Giants Make Us Proud…and Exhausted!
I have been a Giants fan my whole life and that means I've been through a lot. I've seen big wins, and big heartbreaks. I have to say that the game last night was one of the most amazing, stressful and exhausting games I have ever seen. Nothing is ever easy with those Giants! The…
Packers Fan From NY Spends $240,000 to See Green Bay Lose
Pete Serafin, who is a successful businessman from New York and huge Packers fan, decided to take some of his friends (Giants fans) cross country in an RV to catch this past weekend's playoff game in Green Bay. According to, he hired waitresses, stocked the RV with food and bever…

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