Lindsay Lohan

Which Celebtity Are You Most Sick Of Hearing About? [POLL]
You know the names. They are the one's that you can't avoid when you're online..or on line at the supermarket for that matter. They are the names that TMZ and the tabloids love, and they do make good headlines. But after a while, enough is enough with some of them.
Who Is The Celebrity You’re Most Sick Of Hearing About?
We hear and read a lot of things about a lot of celebrities throughout the course of a normal day. Most of the time we soak it all in, sometimes laughing, sometimes gasping, but mostly always intrigued. But there are some celebrities that get way too much attention.
Lindsay Lohan May Go To Jail
This time might be jail time for Lindsay Lohan. According to, the Los Angeles City Attorney and L.A. District Attorney want to revoke Lindsay's probation and send her to jail for 90 days. If you've been following the story, you know how many times she's been …