How to Prepare for a Snowstorm
The prediction for this weekend's nor'easter has ranged from 1-8" for our listening area...meaning we can expect empty grocery store shelves and mass panic any second now.
But what do you really need to prepare for a snowstorm?
Snow Play is Dangerous After Hurricane Sandy
The Jersey Shore got covered in heavy snow just barely a week after Hurricane Sandy, with some places like Toms River seeing a foot of the white stuff.
Naturally, the kids want to run out and play...but it's not exactly safe this time around.
Nor’easter Delays Sandy Recovery [POLL/VIDEO]
Down from 2.7 million, more than 300,000 electric customers remained without power late Wednesday from Hurricane Sandy last week, but the second part of the one-two punch on New Jersey, this week's nor'easter, put a snag in the state's recovery efforts.

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