Restaurant Madness

Restaurant Madness 2017
We are coming to the end of Restaurant Madness 2017!
After multiple rounds and thousands of votes...we are down to the final two restaurants!
Restaurant Madness 2017 Participants and Bracket
Let's call this Made-Our-Decisions Monday, because we have our starting 64 for Jersey Shore Restaurant Madness 2017!
Again your votes will crown the Best Restaurant at the Jersey Shore. Check out the bracket, and see if you can predict who will win each match-up!
Restaurant Madness 2016: The Champion!
It's been an incredible month devoted to food and the amazing restaurants here at the Jersey Shore, but there can only be one winner of Restaurant Madness!
After multiple rounds and thousands of votes, congratulations goes to...
Restaurant Madness 2016: The Final Four
Some of these battles have been cut throat, and yesterday's Elite Eight round was no exception! One match-up was decided by a difference of just 10 votes!
Now, it's time to cast your votes for the Final Four!
Restaurant Madness 2016: Day 16
Restaurant Madness rolls on and today's battles will decide the final two restaurants in the Sweet Sixteen...and the first restaurant to make it into the Elite Eight!
Vote now to decide!

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