A tanker truck accident on the Plumsted/Jackson border Thursday afternoon forces first responders to take hazardous materials precautions.

Crews tend to an overturned tanker truck on Route 537 in Millstorne (Shore News Network/JTown)

Ocean County Health Department Public Information Officer Leslie Terjesen said the tanker flipped on its side and was leaking hypochlorite solution, an active ingredient for bleach, into a ditch that feeds into the Lahaway Creek.

Terjesen said a load of sand was placed on to the site by the Ocean County Roads Department in an effort to lessen the environmental impact on nearby waterways and the rest of the chemical on the tanker was transferred to another truck.

According to the Health Department's press release, the accident isn't expected to pose a threat to human safety and they said no special precautions are required by area residents.

The Ocean County Health Department, Berkeley Emergency Response Team, Plumsted and Jackson Township Fire and Police Departments responded to the incident.