I've always loved Asbury Park and as I look up and down the boardwalk we broadcast from at the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio, I can't help but think of the amazing history of this place.

I sit here and think about the days when Convention Hall and Paramount Theater were brand new back in the 1930's. I think of all the thousands of vacationers over the decades, who counted the days until their visit to this very beach we're broadcasting from.

The beach in Asbury Park (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)

I think of all the great memories this place has made over the years for so many families, and as I see the beach and boardwalk buzzing in front of me each Friday this summer, I am so happy that those memories continue to be made today.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Asbury Park this summer. Visit the boardwalk, hit the beach, eat at one of the awesome Asbury Park restaurants and shop at the great stores! Make your Asbury Park memories today!

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)