You have a great date with a guy so you come up with a cute, funny text that shows you're interested but not too clingy. You hit send thinking he'll love it. He sends back "Ha". Oh no, you have encountered a "one worder".

It is just one of the annoying texting habits guys have according to a report at There are few things worse than spending time sending a text and getting a one word answer.

Now you have to try to figure out if "Ha" means "that was funny but I'm in a meeting" or "why is this person bothering me" or something in between. Not to mention, you spent a half hour trying to put a cute text together, and you get a response that took no minutes and hardly any brain cells.

The "one worder" is s not the only annoying habit guys have when they text. There's always the "non-committal texter. You know him. He's the guy who never really answers any questions or commits to any plans. He's the king of vague.

Happy texting everyone!