You were lucky to make $20 by the end of the day doing this as recently as 15-20 years ago. Now, people at the Jersey Shore in this profession are making more money doing this job than anywhere else in the country.

Parents in the Northeast are paying the highest rates for babysitters in the country, ranging anywhere from $12 to $20 dollars an hour with an average of $15.50. The average hourly rate per child nationally, is $12.75.

But, you can get a good, high-quality child care provider for less. Nannies and college graduates with early childhood education experience are the ones who command the higher fees.

Why? Lynn Perkins, CEO of says:

"Aside from cost of living, I believe it's also a cultural thing. In the Northeast, you have many people who aren't originally from these areas, so fewer people have family they can turn to for child care support and they're more dependent on outside babysitters."


How much did you make when you were a babysitter? Or, if you're a babysitter now, how much do you make now? Tell us in the comment section below.