Yesterday I realized just how tough my job is when I served as judge of The Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest.

So where can you get the Shore's best martini?

Well, I suppose that all depends on what you consider a martini.

For the purists, this contest was not for you. If you're looking for gin, vermouth, and olives, congrats on knowing what a true martini is, but in this case, that's just no fun.

These were beverage creations, crafted by true mixologists.

The event is part of Jersey Shore Restaurant Week, and was held at the beautiful Mill in Spring Lake.

There were so many incredible drinks from restaurants around our area, that judging them really was no easy feat. The only requirement was that each drink had to use some variation of Cupcake vodka.

There were drinks made with Angel Food cake, candied hibiscus flowers (amazing!!), and homemade chocolate syrup. The folks at Remington's piqued by foodie-interests when they told me they used the sous-vide method to infuse fresh ginger into their water. Intense stuff.

So who claimed the title?

Congratulations to Missy from Harpoon Willy's! Her Hummingbird martini won Judges' Choice.

Congratulations also to Chris from Cabana Club! His Fluffernutter was the landslide winner of Peoples' Choice.

The Hummingbird featured a champagne mango puree, Cupcake original vodka, and a Hibiscus liquor complete with an edible orchid. It was an absolutely beautiful drink and the mango puree went nicely with the hibiscus flavor.

The Fluffernutter was one of my favorites of the day, dangerous in the sense that they tasted more like a milkshake than a drink. It featured Cupcake Frosting vodka, honey syrup, homemade peanut butter powder, and milk. It was garnished with a homemade Guinness marshmallow.

It tasted exactly like a Fluffernutter. Amazing. It might be too sweet for a lot of people, but I thought it was delicious!

I would have taken more pictures, but sorry, I was too busy drinking. They don't call me the Resident Lush here at the Point for nothin'.