The Natural Resources Defense Council’s 22nd annual beach water report was released and many Monmouth and Ocean waters are not the cleanest.

Ocean county showed to have the highest health standard violation, with Monmouth county right behind.

The locations said to have the biggest issues in Ocean county are:

  • Beachwood Beach West
  • Brick's Windward Beach
  • Point Pleasant Beach's Maxon Avenue beach

Two locations in Monmouth county had an issue:

  • Highlands' Rec Center beach
  • Belmar's L Street beach

It's worth noting that even though L street isn't looking so hot, Belmar was the only town in the state to get a four star cleanliness rating.

Why the low quality of water? Experts are saying it's storm water runoff for the most part. However, there are things that we can do to prevent our water's from being affected.

  • Pick up pet waste
  • Stop pouring oil down drains inside or outside of the house
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