Facebook now dominates the lives of some people. Yet it is far from perfect.

Some of the most annoying things about Facebook, according to a new survey by Coed Magazine:

-- You can be adored on Facebook and ignored in your real life. You might have a thousand 'friends', your wall might be filled with posts, and your photos might all be commented on. But there's a good chance you can't get anyone in your life to even return your phone call.

-- Kids you knew in grade school are tracking you down. It's been 20 years and now a 'friend' you went to elementary school with has found you. What in the world do they want from you now? If you liked them that much, wouldn't you have stayed in touch to begin with? Maybe there's a reason you don't like to attend those reunions.

-- Being tagged in terrible pictures. When you name is attached to a picture, no matter how ugly that picture is, all of your friends will see it. And laugh.

-- Friend requests from people you met four hours ago. Shouldn't  there be a mandatory waiting period for 'friending' somebody new? Is there no longer a difference between a friend and an acquaintence? Slow down and stop stalking!