This winter has been a nightmare, and as we creep towards spring, the potholes are dragging us back into misery with every jolting bump, flat tire, and bent wheel rim.

Some roads seem to be much worse than others.

In my travels, I've noticed that there are some patches that are downright hazardous.

The Parkway near the construction zone south of exit 88, Rt. 35 through Shrewsbury and Eatontown, Rt. 520/Newman Springs Rd. through Lincroft and Colts Neck, and more locally W. Front St. and Half Mile Rd. in Red Bank all have horrendous patches of potholes.

The worst part is that they seem to come out of'll be driving along totally normally, and then BAM.

You swerve to avoid it, and then you'll hit three more.

The state has a form you can fill out to report potholes (and other issues) which you can find HERE.

County roads have a dedicated phone number you can call to report them. For Monmouth County roads, call (732) 431-6550. For Ocean County roads, call (732) 929-2133.

For local roads, call your township and let them know if there is an especially dangerous condition. They might not be aware of it.

I know I have seen several near accidents because of potholes, and with winter not over yet, it seems it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

(Then of course we'll be complaining about the traffic caused by roving pothole repairs...)

Which roads have the worst potholes? Tell us in the comment section below!