If there's one thing fashionistas love, it's giant closets...but one woman's walk-in takes things to a whole new level...literally.

Theresa Roemer's closet is a 3-story, 3,000 sq. ft. ode to fashion.

Let's put 3,000 square feet into perspective. It's the same size as this 5 BEDROOM HOUSE:

One woman's walk-in closet is the same size as this house! (Monmouth/Ocean MLS)

Back to this lady's closet.

She has an entire corner dedicated to Hermes Birkin bags. (In case you didn't know, Birkin bags start at $7,000.)

She has a wall full of designer shoes. There's a hair and makeup section, and even a Champagne bar.

The cost of building the closet was $500,000. The cost of all the stuff in it? Millions.

She told KHOU that the 'closet was built and intended for fundraising.' She refers to it as a female version of a man cave.

It's one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen...if that's the closet, what does the house look like??

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