Here's a great picture of Jacquie Lee on the set of The Voice with her proud mom Denise. Jacquie performs tonight on The voice on NBC, 9 - 11 pm.

Jacqui Lee and her mom Denise on the set of The Voice (Richard Lee)

Jacquie's dad Richard says his daughter is in good health (after performing on the first couple of live shows with the flu and a killer cough) and in great spirits despite long hours of rehearsals.

Watch for her mom, dad, and little brother Richie in the audience during tonight's live show, then vote!!!

You can vote by going directly to, log in with your various emails and vote ten times each for Jacquie. You can also purchase the song she sings tonight on iTunes to get her more votes (you have to log into your account or create one to make the purchase), or call the number on your tv screen tonight that they'll give you during or right after Jacquie's performance.

Click here for Jacquie's QR code to help you with easy access to voting, iTunes and Twitter!

And if you're in the mood to go out and watch the show live with her friends, neighbors, and other fans of Jacquie's, MJ's at the Buttonwood on Route. 34 in Matawan continues to hold screenings every Monday night. Doors open at 7 pm.

We are rooting for you, Jacquie!