I'm not a parent, so I'm sure my nose has to be exposed to the really horrific odors in life.

I can tell you though, that there is one smell that we can all agree belongs in the ultimate top ten list of offensive odors, and I accidentally caused it to stink up my house last night.

So what was it?

Burnt popcorn!

I'd like to take this moment to say that I did, in fact, follow the directions on the bag. My little soon-to-be stink bomb (also known as a 100-calorie pack of PopSecret) said to microwave for 3 minutes.

I put it in for two minutes. I even stopped it early.

I knew as soon as I opened that microwave door that it was about to be a bad situation.

I opened the bag and accidentally inhaled at the same time. BAD CALL. (Does anyone else remember that news report from months ago that said microwave popcorn steam was a carcinogen?)

Gross. I had to throw some of it out because it all melted into a black ball of tar. I gave the rest to my father (he LOVES burnt popcorn...go figure.) and even after opening the back door to air out the kitchen, the smell just lingers.

Horrific. How DO you get rid of that smell, by the way?

Someone on my Facebook page asked why I didn't just hit the popcorn button. I'm pretty sure THAT sets it for 3:30. Can you imagine??

Note to self: 1:10 on my super-powered microwave = perfect 100-calorie PopSecret cooking time with only about 10 uncooked little kernels.

(Side note for the English majors: I just had an inner battle over whether to use the word 'burnt' or 'burned'...apparently either can be used as an adjective.)

Aside from the typical gross-smelling things (bodily stuff, garbage, etc...) what smells disgust you most?