Sixteen year old Jacquie Lee made it through all of the auditions to get onto national network TV on the number one competition show in America, The Voice!

Then Jacquie , with her incredible singing voice, made it through the Battle Rounds and through the Knock Out Rounds. She has Christina Aguilera as her mentor and Adam Levine telling her she's the cutest thing he's ever seen!

The live rounds are on NBC tonight and tomorrow night...and you can vote for Jacquie!Let's help this hometown girl win The Voice! For all the info on how to vote, click here!

We've had Jacquie on our morning show each week...she is a sweet and humble high school girl from a great family. Her mom is out in L.A. with her during the competition since she's a minor. Her dad and little brother Richie came to see us this morning and this whole family couldn't be nicer. They represent Monmouth County well!