Is it too early to be ready for some football? Apparently not, since we are only days away from the first pre-season games!

The Giants are ready to hit the field against the Buffalo Bills this coming Sunday, August 3rd, and the Jets aren't far behind, with a game scheduled for Thursday August 7th at MetLife Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts.

Ron Antonelli, Getty Images

The regular season doesn't start until the first week of September for both teams, but make no mistake about it. As we walk the boardwalks, enjoy the beaches, and battle summer traffic, the talk about football is already here.

Let's put it in perspective. Labor Day is still about 5 weeks away, and summer doesn't officially end for nearly two months, but when all is said and done, we can't deny that the Superbowl is exactly six months from this Friday.

So,yeah. We're ready for some football!