This Saturday I will be the driver in a harness race at Freehold Raceway as part of the Open Space Pace.

The Open Space Pace is a full day of fun in Freehold that kicks off with a parade through downtown Freehold, a day of harness racing and an unbelievable concert. The headline act of that concert will be unveiled tomorrow morning on the morning show.

As for my race, I will be going head to head against my co-worker Ray Rossi, from our sister station New Jersey 101.5. Last year, I battled it out with Liz, and while I'm too much of a gentleman to say who won, would I be bringing it up if you know who won?

The Open Space Pace is dedicated to the preservation and protection of open space in New Jersey. Their goal is to rejuvenate NJ's harness racing industry while preserving open space. They are looking for sponsors, volunteers and donations. Please visit the Open Space Pace website to get all the information.

My race against Ray will take place around 3pm, but I hope you can make a day of it this Saturday for the Open Space Pace!