I hate to admit it, but often times our area is overlooked because we aren't one city, but rather an area.

That may be true, but the Jersey Shore is an awesome place all its own, and it's time we got recognized...and you can help make it happen!

Mark Davis, Getty Images

Gavin DeGraw's latest song 'Best I Ever Had' shouts out lots of places across the country, like Massachusetts, West Virginia, North Dakota...and yes, we got him to shout out 'Point in Jersey' on our own version of the song, but wouldn't it be cool if he officially released the song calling out the Jersey Shore?

He's holding a contest on Twitter where that could happen! All you have to do is tweet that you're listening at the Jersey Shore with the hashtag #BestIEverHad!

Now, it's no secret that I looooove Gavin (he's the nicest guy EVER!!!), but I promise that's only a teeny tiny reason why I'm so into this.

Lou, Gavin DeGraw, me, and Matt in 2011. I touched his arm. Swoon!  (Laurie Cataldo)

I'm on a mission to spread some Jersey love across the country. Let's make it happen!

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