Liz is on vacation from today until next Friday. I'm not. Yet somehow, I feel like the next five workdays are a break for me as well. I don't get charged for the days, but somehow it feels like I'm on a mini vacation.

I am certain that when I'm on vacation, she will be glad to not have to hear my big mouth for a few days. I guess that any change up from the normal routine of your workday, no matter what you do, is a welcome change, even if it's only for a little while.

On the plus side, vacation season means more parking spots in the lot and less people in the hallways. The down side of it though, is that you may be stuck doing somebody else's work, which can be pretty annoying if you know the person you are doing the work for is sipping tropical drinks on a cruise ship while you're stuck  late at work doing his or her report. 

Anyway, if you're the one working this week, hang in there, your time will come soon, In the meantime, enjoy the peace and quiet like I am!

Seriously, Liz, have a great week!