This weekend's water restrictions apparently left a lot of people confused...but why?

The only thing I'm confused about is why people think the restrictions don't apply to them.

Sure, the boil water advisory was lifted for a lot of towns in Monmouth County early in the weekend, but we were all asked to conserve water until the broken water mains were repaired.

Sure, most of the stores I went to had empty shelves where water bottles used to be, but why did I see people washing cars, watering lawns, and generally ignoring the request?

Yes, I know, we all had laundry to do this weekend, but we weren't supposed to use washing machines (or dishwashers for that matter.)

It's easy to think "Oh, this little bit I'm using won't really affect anything," but there are hundreds of thousands of people living in Monmouth County. All those 'little bits' can quickly add up to a lot of consumption.

But did everyone really know about the restrictions?

Most towns used reverse 911 calls to alert residents, and of course we here at the Point did our best to get the word out on the latest information, but it seems like a lot of people either missed the memo or just didn't care.

There was a lot of conflicting information on this situation, and I don't think that helped matters. It just seemed like a big mess.

When did you find out about this weekend's water issue?