Trends come and go, but some should just stay away...stars like Johnny Depp and Chris Daughtry have been sporting colored nail polish for years, but now it's looking like the trend is going mainstream. 

Nails can say a lot about a person. A nicely MAN-icured hand suggests a man who cares about his appearance and has a certain level of sophistication. On the other hand, (no pun intended), chewed up, dirty nails give the impression of a...chewed-up, dirty man.

Men are slowly realizing this, generally going for clear or no-polish on their freshly-manicured fingers...but for the man who wants to embrace his inner rockstar, Evolution Man has come out with a line of three polish colors just for men. They include a dark metallic gunmetal color called "Stand Out", metallic reddish purple "Alter Ego", and gray "Pavement".

While I'm all about expressing your inner artistic vision, some things just don't go...unless you're on a stage rocking out in front of thousands, (and even then it's a stretch) colored polish tends to look ridiculous on a man. And while you're at it, stop wearing those skinny jeans.  No one is taking you seriously.

What do you you like colored nail polish on a man?