As a girl, I have no clue as to why guys like what they like. But I figured instead of getting my dad the usual gift card to a 'boy' store, I'd try to search out what's 'hot' for dads these days. Whereas women would love a spa day or a romantic dinner, dads apparently want...

Stainless Steel! Aluminum! Metal! Silver! Halogen! Lithium! And a host of other 'man' words associated with tools, etc. that I have NO IDEA about.

But here are some of the apparently 'top of the list' items that some stores are advertising for you to get Dad:

A Socket or Wrench set!

A Stainless Steel Tool Chest!

An Aluminum Ladder!

A Heavy-Duty Leaf Blower!

A Metal Multipurpose Cabinet!

A Weed Eater Edger!

A Silver Indoor/Outdoor Garbage Can! (really?)

A Halogen Portable Work Light!

A Lithium-Ion Drill!

and, if all else fails, an extension cord. Seriously?

I am truly happy to be a female.