We know about all the traffic on the Parkway and Turnpike, but it's not limited to the highways. Our local roads get slammed with traffic all the time. So, what's the worst local road for traffic in Monmouth and Ocean Counties?

Some roads immediately come to my mind. Route 9 can be a nightmare, especially in, but not limited to, northern Monmouth. There are times I have been at certain intersections through two or three green lights before I can get through, and it's not even during rush hour.

Route 35 can be a tough ride, especially around Route 36. Speaking of Route 36, that's not fun ride trying to get from Eatontown toward Long Branch.

Then there's Route 70 through Brick. That will test our Jersey shore patience any time of the day! Or Route 37 through toms River...ouch! And how about our world famous traffic circles. Are we the only place on Earth that still has these things?

Clearly, I'm just scratching the surface of the roads that drive us crazy, so let's find out what you think. Please take the poll an if you don't see your least favorite road, there's a place for you to enter it. Let's find out which road is the worst road around!