For 38 years thousands have driven through Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari. While the safari is staying put, the drive-through luxury ends September 30th. But how is it going to operate after that?

The overhaul will begin in October, once the Wild Safari’s gates close for the final time. The theme park company will then begin its merger of the 350-acre animal park with the 160-acre theme park, giving rise to the largest theme park in the world, Six Flags officials said.

In its new form, called “Safari Off Road Adventure,” visitors will enter through Great Adventure, then board open-air, all-terrain vehicles to see the park’s animals.

Safari Off Road Adventure is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend 2013. Officials said the new attraction will not raise ticket prices for Great Adventure.

Here's a video of what the new experience will look like.

This is what Six Flags will look like in 2013.