The Writers Guild is out with its list of the Best Written TV Shows of All Time:

Despite the ending that people are still arguing over, the Writers Guild has named The Sopranos as the Best Written TV Show in History.

Seinfeld ranks second on the list, followed by The Twilight Zone and All in the Family.

M-A-S-H is in fifth, The Mary Tyler Moore Show is sixth and Mad Men is in seventh.

Cheers, The Wire, and The West Wing round out the top ten.

The Simpsons is eleventh, followed by I love Lucy.

Saturday Night Live ranks 25th, Lost is 27th, and Star Trek is 33rd, one place ahead of Modern Family.

The original British version of The Office ranks 50th, 16 places ahead of the U.S. version.

And David Letterman's writers land him in 98th place.

To see where your favorite tv shows rank, click here.