I woke up this morning to the sound of my smartphone vibrating until it fell off the nightstand. It must be 4am.

And there it is. The lowest moment of my day. Once my feet hit the floor I'm ok, but I'm not sure I'll ever get used to that first 10 seconds of waking up. The good news is I love my job, and the traffic at 4:30am isn't an issue, so the rest of the day is just fine with me.

What about you? What is the thing about mornings you would trade in a minute? If you had the chance to eliminate one thing from your hectic morning, what would it be?

 Maybe you'd take the phone or the alarm clock and bury it in the backyard. Or perhaps you'd hire a helicopter to fly you right over that morning traffic. Maybe your choice would be to finally buy that winning lottery ticket so you could walk into work just in time to give your 2 minute notice?

Or would you choose to have an assistant who's sole job would be to make sure everyone has their homework done, backpack prepared, papers signed, breakfast eaten and something close to matching clothes? 

Let us know the thing you'd change in a minute about waking up.