Liz has been battling a cold this week. She tried to tell me it's allergies. I know it's not. Three weeks ago, I had a cold. I told Liz it was allergies. I knew it wasn't. I guess I thought it would make her less concerned.

 We, like many Monmouth and Ocean County co-workers, are in the same room for a good part of the day. I think we both do a pretty good job of covering our mouths, coughing the other way, and generally staying out of each other's space. That doesn't mean that's all I do.

I do everything I can to avoid any microphone, doorknob, phone or room she's used and I'm sure she does the same when I'm sick. I don't wear the protective jumpsuit anymore when she's not feeling well, it's just too hard to get my headphones on. reports that experts say in addition to washing hands and avoiding people who are sick, exercising and getting your blood flowing  keeps you healthier. Are you extra careful when a co-worker is under the weather?