When it comes to pop stars, we expect extremes: hairstyles, outfits, music videos. There is no shortage of crazy when it comes to some of the biggest acts today: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna... but when it comes down to it, who's the Queen of Crazy?

Well, I suppose the biggest question in my mind is, how much of it is real personality, and how much is just marketing.

I tend to believe Nicki Minaj is the poor man's Gaga. Her look is just SO ridiculous, it's obviously just to get a bit of the attention that Gaga has been infamous for garnering.

I mean, come on. This can't be real. What's with the weird surgical mask? And the weird beehive-y cotton candy hair?

In a recent issue of Glamour, her stylist says she wears wigs and that her hair never sees color or heat. Lame. If you're gonna go crazy, do it right. Even I had teal hair for a while. It's not that big a deal.

Then there's Lady Gaga herself.

I wonder about her sometimes...just how much is marketing, and how much is a lack of medication (or excess of self-medication). I think Gaga might be one of those artists who's so creative she's insane. (Remember VanGogh? He was brilliant...and then chopped off his ear.)

You know the thing about crazy though...it's ALWAYS the quiet ones.

Don't Katy and Rihanna look so uninterestingly normal here? Just two friends having fun at a party...but that's not how they usually roll.

Rihanna is always pretty out there. She drinks and parties with the best of them...the girl made a song call "S&M". Come on. Rumor has it that even Beyonce has told her to take a year off after her current tour ends so she doesn't 'burn out'...(I'm pretty sure 'burn out' is Hollywood-speak for 'go off the deep end'.

And Katy? She's married to Russell Brand, a reportedly reformed sex addict, wore a cheese/cube hat at a recent awards show, and once wore a banana dress on stage for a performance. Just this week she decided to tattoo her tattoo-er.

There's just something about all of them that's just a little...off. Or maybe they just have brilliant publicity teams.

So what do you think? Which pop star is the most 'out there'?