Lou and I were given a 'morning show plant' as a gift from a loyal listener. So why is it dead?

I very lovingly accepted the beautiful plant when it was brought to us my a fan. I told Lou I was going to place it in our cubicle and asked him to please help me keep it watered.

I know Lou has a yard full of outdoor plants, so I figured that maybe he had some expertise with indoor plants as well.

So, every morning when I got to work I would check to see if the plant had been watered. When it seemed exceptionally dry, I would give it a little water.

And I would ask Lou if he was keeping an eye on it. He put it in front of our window for the amount of light he said it needed, and he said that I should NOT be watering it because HE was taking care of it.

So I trusted him and stopped watering the plant.

And watched it turn browner and browner til I was sure it was dead.

Lou said to leave it for a while, that mabe it would come back to life in the spring.

Well...spring is tomorrow. And this plant is D-E-A-D.

Lou seems to think that I drowned the plant.I merely watered it a couple of times....I never drowned it in water. I think that by following his advice to not touch it or water it, that he dried it out 'til it died.

Bottom line is...we need a new plant. But can we be trusted as morning show partners to take care of it?

You decide!