You ever see a product for the first time and curse yourself for not thinking of it first?

You're probably about to do that.

The "Rinser Brush" is so simple...and yet so awesome.

It's a toothbrush with a little space carved into it so it turns into a water fountain when you hold it under the sink.

No more cupping your hand like a caveman, no straining your neck to get your mouth under the sink, no dirty glasses or wasteful plastic cups.

It's brilliant...and I'm SO MAD I didn't think of it first!!!

For real though, it's in the early stages of production and won't be available until November. You can pre-order it now for a special price, but I'll warn you, it's $23 bucks for one, with the price per unit decreasing the more you buy.

So check it out...if 899 of you are willing to go in with me...we can each get one for a little more than $10 each. Deal??

Or we can just wait until some retailer buys a lot of 'em and jacks up the price even higher. Sigh...

What's the one product you really wish you had thought of first? Tell us below!