Here's the thing, I really believe Christina Aguilera has one of the best voices in the world. Musically, I'm a fan. However, there comes a point when no amount of talent can save you from yourself.

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    No pants, no problem? Um, WRONG.

    Christina, you my dear, are not Gaga. And you have a 4-year-old son. Put your pants on.

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    The Divatude

    Excuse me, Miss Aguilera, you're a vocalist, not the Queen of England. Stop acting like you're too good to speak to the peons. THE PEONS ARE THE REASON ANYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME.

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
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    The Feuding. With EVERYONE.

    Fellow coach Adam Levine from The Voice has been going back and forth with her since the auditions. The guys from The Wanted say she has no manners or respect for anyone. She forgot Tony Vincent's name (after 7 weeks of the show)??? She snubbed the Biebs? COME ON WOMAN. And let's not forget this next gem...

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    She's suddenly an uber-feminist?

    Anyone who has made a music video like she did for "Dirrty" has no business talking about the "degrading message" behind a song like she did when contestant Tony Lucca covered Jay-Z/Hugo's "99 Problems." Suddenly you have an issue with men objectifying women in music? It all seemed okay during "Genie In A Bottle" when she was telling people to "rub her the right way".

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    Her (lack of a good) stylist.

    She wore a floppy disk hat, showed more cleavage than any of us needed to see, and still can't manage to keep that mop of bleached mess under control. How rich and famous does someone need to be before they find (and listen to) a good stylist?

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