Jason Elia had the perfect Super Bowl weekend planned with his girlfriend. And then things went horribly wrong.

He bought two tickets to the Super Bowl and was going to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal during the game. She was super excited about their upcoming trip.

But then, real life got in the way. Jason went to the doctor for some tests and was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

And instead of a loving and supportive girlfriend........she dumped him, saying something about not being able to handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer.

Adding insult to injury, she's demanding her Super Bowl tickets. Jason says she calls him every day demanding the tickets, arguing that he bought them for her so she should have them.

Jason says there's no chance she's getting those tickets -- and is actually giving them away to one of his Twitter followers.

Oh, and since you probaby care about him more than his heartless girlfriend, Jason's prognosis is pretty positive. (www.news.yahoo.com)