Honestly, the snake felt like it was giving me a nice, big hug! Here are more photos from our fun time with Jenkinson's Aquarium!

This itty bitty baby alligator will grow to be about 14 feet long and be able to fell you with his tail alone!

(This is Crunch. His brother is Munch!)

By the way, the aquarium is open until 10 pm every night...and if you go after 8:30 pm you don't pay full admission...so stop by and see these great creatures for yourself!

(Check out this Mossy Frog!)
(This is Andrew, who came to see the reptiles! Photo by Anne Pacucci)
(Andrew enjoyed the penguins, too! Kerry from the Aquarium is an expert with them! Photo by Anne Pacucci)
(This is the baby penguin I held when she was born last year -- this is the last of her baby feathers but she is still so adorable!)

Here's what the precious baby looked like last summer: Then and now...