You don't need a thermometer to know how hot it is. All it takes is a drive through a beach town in the late afternoon and you'll see it written all over the faces of the beachgoers.

I took that drive yesterday as I was heading toward the ribbon cutting for Sandycastle at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach yesterday. It was getting close to the dinner hour and lots off families were heading away from the beach.

At each corner, cars were stopping to let the beachgoers cross the street and you could see the exhaustion in the faces of moms and dads. Everyone was walking a little slower and you could tell the heat had taken it's toll.

No doubt that if you're looking for relief from the heatwave of 2013, the Jersey Shore beaches are an excellent choice, but even at the beach, the heat was all anyone wanted to talk about.

First it was the daily rain, and now the daily heat. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to us here at the Jersey Shore, but that fact doesn't make it any cooler.