You can forget about all the other tricks you may have heard about. Science has found a way for you to tell if he really does love you.

The answer, according to a study reported at, all you have to do is take him for a walk. If he speeds up or slows down to match your pace, then he loves you. Yep, it might be as simple as that.

The study monitored men who were walking with women, and it found that if the guys only change speeds to match girls they have romantic feelings for. Guys didn't adjust their pace when they walked with girl who they considered "friends".

The study found  that we all try to walk at our optimal speed, which has to do with our height, leg length etc., and men only adjusted their speed for women they were romantically involved with. And by the way, men in the study adjusted speed accordingly whether or not they were holding their walking partner's hand.

How about that. After all the years of trying to read men's minds, or read between the lines on everything they said, it might be just this easy. The trick now is to get your guy to agree to take a walk with you.